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Nastia panted heavily, trying to get a hold of herself. She has just performed the most exhausting climb of her life - and the most unexpected one, to be honest.

She sat down, taking a frightened look at her surroundings. Giant wooden logs,  black liquid-filled plastic pipes as wide as she was tall, boulders of colourful mass the size of a small house... Taking a glance behind, she saw the very same chair she was sitting on a few seconds earlier - now the size of a skyscraper.

She revised the last few seconds. She was sitting in her room, preparing a character sheet for an upcoming RPG... She wanted to test the new set of dices. She picked up the d20 to make the first roll... And then started feel dizzy. The new dice - a greenish masterpiece with Elvish runes replacing regular numbers - fell out of her hand and rolled across the table... And then she felt herself falling, losing balance. She grabbed onto the closest thing avalible, climbed onto it...

"Oh shit" she muttered when she realised what had happened.

Sure thing, she watched "Honey, I shrunk the kids", and read quite a bunch of novels and stories dealing with the concept... But to be the one turned to bug size... What should she do now?

"Oh shit... Oh shit..." She kept muttering, walking away from the table's rim. She walked onto the very same character sheet she was filling out a few whiles ago - the tables and text looked from this perspective like some abstract schematic, much like the Nazca lines she's once seen in an archeology textbook.

She sat down in the middle of the hitpoints field, trying to collect her thoughts. How? Why? When?

She felt the panic slowly subside. Pinching herself a couple of times, she made sure this was not a dream. Eyes closed, she tried to focus on the inside, breathing deeply and slowly. After a minute or two, she stood up, collected and ready to face the challenge.

The room stretched into infinity, like some absurd hangar or warehouse. Far in the front, by the door, she could have seen a mirror. In the reflection, she saw the table - and a tiny figurine on it, barely distinguishable from the mass of things cluttering the surface. Squinting, she could have distinguished between her jeans, the green t-shirt. Gosh, she got sooo small...

There was no point staying on the character sheet; feeling the soft (yet a bit rough - the most bizzare feeling ever) paper under her bare feet, she advanced across the line-covered surface. Coiming round coloured pencils (she hoped to draw her character after rolling her out), she headed towards the steaming column of ornamented porcelain - a mug of tea she had prepared just before sitting down. At this size, the radiating heat was much more intense than usual.

She paused upon reaching the edge of the sheet. On her way, she tried to estimate her height, compared to her favourite pencil. Damn, could she really be just around centimetre tall? The relative peace she struggled to maintain started to crack once again...

"Stay cool..." she tried to reassure herself "...there must be an explanation. I can't just stay this way... I just..."

...find a way out? She thought of the cell phone. But it was tucked safetly in her jacket's pocket... In the corridor, hanging on the wall. Might as well be on Mars. The notebook? Forget it, no way to climb the bed. And then she'd have to open the screen, type the password, launch the messenger... Nope.

"Damn it!" She kicked the nearest speck of dust, sending it up the air. It struck her that it flew much higher and slower than she'd expect. What kind of wicked... Could it be physics also get distorted at such scale?

Stepping away from the mug and towards the table's interior, Nastia thought about her options. She might have just waited for the effect to wear off - but that was a wild bet. She might as well die of starvation. And if we assume the shrinking was caused by something, then...

The dice! It must be it!

She ran in the direction her new d20 fell down, navigating the stuff she usually didn't care about cleaning up from the desk; used spoons, empty mugs, notebooks, boxes and such. Every few steps, she stepped on a miniscule crumble or a speck of dust, making her jump up and hiss in pain, regretting she took of her sneakers and socks after coming home. But she had to go on... She couldn't even think of staying like this forever...

She reached the edge of the table, panting and exhausted. The distance wasn't that extreme - even at this scale - but the stress and stumbling did their part. Fighting off the sense of panic, she took a look at the floor.

The dice was there - barely visible, buried deep within a chaotic jungle that used to be her favourite, fuzzy carpet. But how to get there - it was a completely different question. The physics might have been distorted at this scale - but a freefall from a skyscraping table didn't seem to be the reasonable way to try the limits. Luckily, the solution came as quickly as the need arose.

Among the stuff covering the desk was a half-used napkin. Pulling with all her strenght, she managed to rip off a tent-sized scrap, hoping to use it as a parachute. A mad idea - but was there any other?

"I'm gonna regret this..." she whispered to herself, standing on the table's rim. Curling up toes, she hesitated for a brief moment - before jumping down, screaming her lungs out (which, by the way, would be barely audible to a regular ear). The paper fluttered and rippled, almost getting blown out of her hands - but after a while, the canopy filled up with air. She was gliding!

As she watched the approaching tangle, she felt yet another sting of fear. She had an ant invasion last week - and although the pesticide managed to get rid of them, what if there was still an insect hiding between the fibres? What about the mites? At her size... Oh no, no, no...

A gust of wind came into the room through an opened window. The napkin twirled and swirled once again - making Nastia lose grip on one end. She struggled hopelessly to catch it back - but the parachute simply folded, making her plunge down, into the dreadful jungle below.

The landing was rough - the fibres were stiffer than she'd expect and thick, but luckily soft enough to soften the hit. She slid from one fibre to another - until she hit the base of the carpet with her bottom. Will this never end?!

Nastia rose up, massaging her sore sitting part. Luckily, she landed quite close to the dice - a massive plastic monolith the size of a house to her. Hearing some weird nosies coming from the wilderness - and remembering all the ants and mites stuff - she rushed towards it. She also tried not to think about all the microbes below her feet... What if they became visible at this scale?

Almost running, she reached the dice a few minutes later. Gasping for breath, she did the only thing she could have thought of - touched the smooth surface, hoping that the magic would somehow reverse the effect. She felt the dizzyness overcoming her again... But the worst came when she opened her eyes.

The dice was no longer large - it was simply HUGE. And she... She could barely reach the plastic, even when standing on the tips of her toes. The giant, runic "12" shined above. Nastia just watched, her mouth agape, unable to produce a word. If she was a centimetre tall a second ago... And she was on the same level as the dice's side... Then now... Oh no, no, no...

Finally she felt legs fold beneath her - and sat, breaking into tears. She initially hoped this was just a nightmare she'd wake up from - but with every sob, the reality became more and more vivid. She was bound to be trapped here forever, unable to escape from this nightmare. No more friends, no more games, no more school, no more critical hits to slay her opponents...

Critical hits? Wait...

The idea was crazy... But even if it backfired... Wouldn't it just end her suffering then? She seemed to shrunk less this time then when she held the dice in hand... That was twelve this time, right? Last time she almost certainly touched twenty... So, if only she managed to find the side with number one...

She runned a cricle around the plastic monolith, ignoring the wild sounds coming from around her and trying not to think about tiny grey spots she squished beneath her feet - which must have been microbes by now. Unable to find the lowest number, she grabbed onto the nearest fibre, starting a climb upwards. To her horror, an ugly creature came into her view from between the other fibres - a mix of some mutated spider and a crab. Mites!

Struggling with all her strenght, she climbed upwards, leaving the arachnid below. She tried not to think about its comrades - and not to look at the germ-dotted surface she was grasping onto. Just get higher, above the dice...

Finally she saw the huge, glittering "1" to her left. The surface was tilted downwards - but should be sufficient for her to get a hold on. Without thinking, she leapt forwards, flying across the vast space just like the speck she kicked a few minutes earlier...

The landing was surprisingly soft. She grasped the microscopic imperfections, clinging onto the smooth slope and closed her eyes. Oh God, please, please, please...

She first thought she was slipping - her feet started losing grip, sliding downwards. But then she noticed her hands remained in position - and when she felt her feet reach outside the side's rim, she knew this crazy plan worked. She was saved!

She clinged on for as long as she could - before finally letting go, fearing she'd touch some high-value side and reverse the process. She fell onto the closest fibre and slid down, crushing the unfortunate mite in the process. Her body expanded in all directions, shooting upwards, above the carpet - and as quickly as she had shrunken, Nastia returned to her normal size. Her head slammed into the table - but the pain was dimmed by the feel of relief. She was saved!

She examined her body, not believing this was all over. The microscopic dirt that stuck to her during her dash across the carpet grew alongside her - so she looked as if she climbed right up from a sewer. But she was saved! Alive!

The dice was still there, between her outstreached legs. She shivered at the very thought how this small lump of plastic might have been a titanic mountain just a few seconds earlier. She reached onto the table, trying to find the napkin that served her as a base for the parachute. Before taking a shower, she had to get rid of this little abomination... And of the whole set as well Just to be safe.

"Darn it" she thought to herself, thinking of yet another trip to the gameshop awaiting her...
One more short story, featuring my new OC - Nastia. Hope you like it! :)

Nastia's reference sheet by :iconherretik: here:…

Illustration by…
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exquisite-dead-guy Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I know it's two years after the fact, but I just found this story and I love the fun ideas at play here. Have you ever revisited this concept?
Klrvnc Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016
I'm happy you like it :) I am planning a new story featuring Nastia, but I don't want to make any promises regarding its release ;)
jackson22222 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
I personally would keep the die.  Get someone else to be there so you can test to see if they all do different things. Woild she row if she touched the one at full size? Who knows, maybe the d12 gives money! If they don't, and they all shirk you, imagine what would happen on a d100? (assuming your running it in a d20 system so ranges of five simply correspond to the d20's effect; gotta remember the systems rules after all, or your just cheating)
Also, might sound strange, but I kind of feel bad for the mite.
Klrvnc Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
Quite an interesting concept... I might use it in the future, many thanks! :D
jackson22222 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
Always glad to hear that I helped some one get their creative juices flowing stronger! Or at the very least, that I chucked a stone or two in the river. :) (Smile) 
Also, my apologies for the poor spelling in the last comment. I am missing my glasses and am having trouble seeing if any thing is incorrect.
warsteiner59 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
A good story. What would happen if her (boy)friend enetred the room
Inclassificabilis Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Aww... she's not going to keep the die?  Seems a useful thing to have around...
supernautacus Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
Excellent start!
SkyeSlipstream Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Cool concept. Loved it. c:
Klrvnc Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
There'll surely be more of her in the future :)
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